How do I pray to God our Father?

How do I pray to God our Father? Most people would have this question in their mind when they sit or kneel to pray. Dictionary has few meanings for the word “pray”. If you compare the Old Testament and the New Testament relationship between God and rest of the people is only through chosen few people in the Old Testament.

Jesus, who came down to earth as human gave a new relationship between God and his people, we can call our God as “Abba” or Father. We can talk to our Heavenly Father as we talk to our loved one, but with respect for God, as we cannot do the marvelous things God have done. Remember God is our creator and as a creator God has authority on us to mould as God wishes.

<li>When Jesus was in this earth disciples had asked how they should pray. Jesus had told the disciples in Mathews chapter 6 and verse 9 to 13 as how to pray, prayer said by every Christian irrespective of sect or division. Please concentrate and meditate on each line of the prayer, it may look short but then its complete and powerful daily prayer. Its the most powerful prayer Jesus has given us.</li>
<li>Always thank God for each and every favor received, it so happens that once God does the favor on us we don’t even realize it or forget to acknowledge it. Our Heavenly Father may not take that seriously but then we start becoming hind sighted and start to ignore lots and lots of other favors God does for us.</li>
<li>Christians should pray for others, if people around are happy so are you. Surely you would be rewarded for that, let those prayers be secret from earthly people. </li>
<li>Jesus had said in Mathew chapter 18 verse 20

<blockquote>“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”</blockquote>
Jesus stresses on community prayer, pray with your loved one, pray with your neighbor and you can pray with strangers too. You can have personal prayer too, have personal prayers when asking for forgiveness for the sins committed and when you regret for it.


<li>Prayer what you may do may be answered immediately, some cases you may have a delayed answer and there is a possibility of prayer not being answered at all. Never get disheartened by that, if you cry to your earthly father or mother for a poisonous serpent or a poisonous scorpion would they give you? Similarly our Heavenly Father know what is good for you and when a prayer should be answered. With a earthly brain we may not be understand our Heavenly Fathers plan.

If you pray to God that you want to be head of a well developed nation, will that happen. There are possibility of it happening. However, God may train you with different situations in your life so that you may be well equipped to handle situation as head of the nation. </li>

<li>While in prayer never ever compare and complaint to God that he is bestowed more than me. You never know other person may be doing the same thing about you to God. God has given you lot of unique qualities which others are not bestowed. Sometimes we fail to realize and don’t look for the qualities God has given us. Never complaint, ask to God for what you need, surely if its genuine God will give that at right time.</li>

And be Thankful to God for the Gifts, blessings and miracles. Share with all around you…

What I have said is from my experience…

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