Father take care

I sit and think over my past and analyze my experiences, there have been situations when tensions and fear would build up breaking me down literally. I don’t react to situations like that any more!!

What do you think would have been the cause of change?

I learned one thing over few years, leave whatever burden we have to God. Its not quite easy to start with as you need a strong faith in God. In spite of countless opportunities which God have given me, I have not either utilized them or feared to utilize them.

During my school days and college days I wanted to join the army, I would clear the written exam every time. Then comes the group discussion and I try to talk, I am not heard in the crowd shouting. I am out like this every time I had written the exam. Reason I didn’t leave it to God. But then when I imagine myself in the army, I surely would have been a misfit, so its good I am here and writing these things.

God has plan for all, we should leave each and every testing situation to God. God has the map and path to come out as a better person.

Today as I write this, I am passing through a phase of life which could have been very testing and painful had I been old James. I have placed my burden on Holy Father so I am tension free and writing this. Organization where I am working is not performing well in terms of generating profit. To over come the cost of running the organization there had been series of cuts in teams and teams size. Our team wasn’t affected much, however there is a possibility of me and many of team member being asked to leave the organization. After working 4 years over here with good set of team members and making a move to new place is bit hard. However more worrying aspect is to find a new job.

However I am sitting without any worries and talking to God over this. Today’s date is 14 March 2012, I am sure I will be writing a testimony soon on a later date.


I update this on 13 Oct 2012, this doesn’t mean I wasn’t blessed all these days, rather I didn’t write about the blessings.

20 April 2012 was the last day in that organization, I was asked write a resignation letter stating I am resigning on my own. I attended quite a few interviews, due to many reasons nothing could materialize.

Only after this I started reading Bible on regular basis and spending lots of time conversing with Heavenly Father. God gave almost 2.5 months of rest, which I needed badly. I always preferred working on direct payroll of organizations and never looked at contract openings, that was because I was hind sighted. But then Father knows what is good, e-mail with opening came to me in such a way that I couldn’t ignore. And the way things happened showed that job was the appointed one. But then it got delayed by 3 months, mean time I got another offer which I accepted and worked for few days. I had decided probably I had mistaken to assume that job was the appointed one and decided to continue with the second one.

One day I receive call from the HR with offer I was hoping was the appointed job, I decide to say no, before I could say no the HR says you may have to travel abroad. When asked for expected salary I say of what I was drawing in the current job, probably that is not what God was expecting me to ask. Few things happened in between and I got a new offer, those few days were little testing however me and my wife never lost hope.

Today I am with a job and my salary is almost 60% hiked, that doesn’t happen even for a person who had a job before moving to another. God has planned for that… That’s not the only thing God has done, I would be flying to US for a month in November 2012. Don’t know what more miracles are going to happen in my life… Exposures in this new job is to build me for next level, that is what I believe.

Update 24 March 2013
I am updating this post while in US, and this happens to be the second visit to US. More blessing to come….

Update 12 March 2013
I have a seen quite a lot of changes in many ways, I cannot write all of them. Today is the third month of dream come true and hopefully this keeps multiplying. I realize for the exposure I received I have been little to absorb, however God has been blessing me quite a lot. I wanted to be a developer whole of my life, today I wish to climb up the hierarchy ladder in job. Surely I will have an update for that pretty soon.

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