Miracle is something many people are looking for in their life; however most of them do not see the miracles happening every moment of their life. We do not give significance to miracles which happens in our life repeatedly as we take them for granted, only when we see a person deprived of privileges we have do we realize it. Thank God!!!
We are alive and reading this, that’s God’s blessing that we are alive. We had good food today, that’s a miracle; there are people who haven’t had a gulp for hours and some days together. Please pray for those people and lets thank God for the food what we have (probably doesn’t tastes good as we want), go without food to realize what it means.
So now the question is do we need to see miracles to renew faith in God or do we need wisdom to see God’s miracle.
Well, we need the wisdom to see all the miracles what God is doing in our life. Again, just because the other person is deprived of what you have, doesn’t mean other person is not blessed with miracles. God has customized miracles for each one of us. God knows what we want and when it’s right time for you to take them.
Even if you are unable to see any miracles, wait for it to happen. Miracles can happen anytime and anywhere that’s miracle.
What I am today is a God’s blessing and what I am going to be is surely God’s blessing.

God Bless You All…

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