Marketing ha!!

I woke up to a fresh and cool morning on a summer day, wondering why I woke up so early.

Laziness strikes me at 9.00 am and I go on a visit to dream land. While my visit I realize that I have some one calling to the real world. Breaking out of trance partially I pick the phone.

I have a call from a representative of a bank saying I won a free trip to Goa for a family of four. Wow!! what a opportunity!

The rep went on saying its valid for six months. Then I realize how come I have been picked up out of whole population in Hyderabad. Rep says that I have been selected by a computer ha!!. Computers getting intelligent.

Hey computer got the information from AirTel. If you are with airtel chances are that you get lucky too.

Then came a important information from the rep. Time to regret!

This was rep said. Please come down to our office along with your wife to collect the offer.

Wife!!! I realized that I was single. Rep had a solution, you can ask some one who is married to collect the offer. I ran out of luck.

Rep wished me better luck next time and I hung up.

Sidhesh I am coming to Goa!!!!

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