A simple sound manager class

This is just a basic sound manager class, using this we can manage audio play/pause and stop. This class makes use of library class created in post “Creating asset library while working with AS3 projects”.

package com.sound
import assets.sound.SoundLibrary;

import flash.media.Sound;
import flash.media.SoundChannel;
import flash.utils.getDefinitionByName;

public class SoundManager
private static var _instance:SoundManager;

private var _currentSound:Sound;
private var _soundChannel:SoundChannel;
private var _audioCurrentPosition:Number;

public function SoundManager(se:SingletonEnforcer)
_soundChannel = new SoundChannel();

public static function getInstance():SoundManager
if(!_instance )
_instance = new SoundManager(new SingletonEnforcer);
return _instance;

public function playAudio(audioName:String):void{
var tempClass:Class = SoundLibrary.getAssetClass(audioName);
var smallSound:Sound = new tempClass() as Sound;
_currentSound = smallSound;
_soundChannel = smallSound.play();

public function audioPause():void{
_audioCurrentPosition = _soundChannel.position;

public function audioPauseContinue():void{

class SingletonEnforcer{}
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