Cool Lansdowne !! Wish I could be there

I was browsing through all ordered junk in my comp. and I found few old treasures in form of JPEG’s (pictures redefined)!!

Hope I could be there and enjoy the climate, once I had opportunity to enjoy.

I miss Lansdowne!!

I should admit I had few of best years in Lansdowne, especially my days in school (KV Lansdowne). I miss them even during college days. College day’s weren’t as fun filled as those two years. I suppose I had overused my quota of fun in 2 years.


I should write something about Chemistry classes by our dear principal (Mr. Bist)

His classes were so moving that we would be out of the class within minutes of him starting it. Hey its not the principal sending us out rather we voluntarily give him the option to concentrate on bright students in the class. I did feel guilty for doing so but then I didn’t want to pain. Yeah, pain him. Wouldn’t he be saddened to know that people like me sleep while he teaches. Something I real miss when I am sleepless.

Chetan our gang member or leader who showed us ricther scale on black board

Chetan!! not chota Chetan.

It was Diwali time and we were experimenting with crackers. Experiment was done during biology class. Hey it wasn’t anything to do with animals or plants, infact we were experiment with crackers. Our indigenous mind and collaborative effort planned something which was going to change our class.

Our Chetan plants a laxmi bomb in drawer of class table with a timing device. Hah!! you are correct timing device was an agarbatti. Miss Bindu steps in the class as normal and continues with her class. We last bencher’s were waiting for the D moment and anxiously waiting to see aftermath of the shocking blast.

We had to wait a quite long time, we has lost faith and believed that timer has failed us. But then there was a small hope.

We had then decided to concentrate on what is being taught, Bindu ma’am turned towards the board and started to draw a diagram. Luckily may be there was a long line to be drawn. While it was being drawn our monster which was sleeping woke up with a BANG. Bang strong enough to push line to almost top of the board. Line did correspond to reading in ricther scale i.e. anger of Bindu Ma’am.

These adventures happened in Lansdowne, Uttranchal (1997-2000)

Hey I am writing this while in Hyderabad approx 7 years after I left Lansdowne. While I write temperature is just 41 Celsius.

Thanks VJ for the pictures.

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