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My experience with HP

HP! yes the same HP which is known for …….. I apologize (I don’t advertise for HP). My Boss handed over bunch of papers and said edit it. I wished that a magic wand would do that for me. Unfortunately, I broke it as it wasn’t working as per instruction manual.

I saw my angel on my boss table, its the HP scanner, printer and blah blah (I don’t advertise for HP). I went near it and cleared the dust settled over it (HP cartridges are costly we have to save them for future, I mean when I break my magic wand).

Cool, plugged in and wow HP was at its work. All lights blinking as if it was surprised and unable to decide what to do after connecting. I too was confused, what to do after connecting it.

Then my brain woke up and said contact HP!

Opened the website and browsed…… finally located it. Yes! I have done it. I have cleared one hurdle.

Followed instructions in the page and window popped up saying hello…… (customer service fundas). I said the printer is behaving odd today. Response was bit slow and told that they were sorry for that would be glad assisting me. Then………………………….. when we were finally ending the support session I realized I wasted my time breaking my magic wand, making use of the angel and contacting HP.

Any way let me proceed with age old version of reading and typing the content, then edit the stuff. Any one willing to give me an alternate solutions or HP chat fundas “WORKAROUND”.